Apr 8, 2021
AOS and Biometrics/ Fingerprints please help 🙏
I currently have an unexpired EAD under a different category and now applied for AOS through family, applied for another EAD, AP etc. Now my question is will I be required to go do another biometrics/ fingerprints for the new EAD, AP and the GC under AOS or they use the previous ones that were taken a few years ago? please note I did send the correct amount including biometrics on the new application.
faisol AjApr 8, 2021
no,they will use previous finger prints
Christian NApr 8, 2021
They can re-use your precious fingertips for as long as it's not more than 15months old
T MApr 8, 2021
Thank you for your response 🙏

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