Elana Mendoza
Feb 23, 2021
USCIS Indianapolis branch - Interview for AOS
Hi! Anyone here who have had their AOS interview at the Indianapolis branch? Just wanna ask... How was it? What questions were asked? What other proof or documents did they ask for? How long after you've received your card? Hoping someone can answer my questions. Looking forward to it. ☺️ #interview #Indiana #aos
han dFeb 23, 2021
when’s your interview? mines March Indy
Elana MendozaFeb 23, 2021
Hi @han! I haven't received the letter yet. I just saw that my case changed to "Interview was scheduled". Hopefully I'll get the letter later 🤞
Elana MendozaFeb 27, 2021
Update: interview is in March as well. They're very quick with processing all of the backlogged forms
han dMar 4, 2021
what day?
Elana MendozaMar 4, 2021
March 22 (Monday)

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