John doe
Apr 7, 2021
timeline for biometrics?
Hi, Below my info: EB2 Employment based application Center: Nebraska I-465, I-131 & I-765: filled on 01/10/2021 Notices received on 03/10/2021 I-140 premium approved Wondering if similar cases (filed after Oct 2020) can share timeline for biometric notice & appointments. attorney is now saying ~5 months after filling date Thanks!
Appu SreeApr 7, 2021
EB3 Emp Based : Filed on 10/23 Bio on March 13
Svetlana MarthinolovaApr 7, 2021
are you married to jane doe?
bay yApr 8, 2021
EB3 Filed 10/22/20 Bio 03/22/21
Nancy Gonzalez Apr 8, 2021
filed in December received on January 4th 2021 got the receipt mid February 2021 still no updates on biometrics

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