Chris e
Feb 23, 2021
RFIE Courtesy Letter
Hi, I filed back in September (AOS through marriage). I got a RFIE in December, and since I changed address, I called and got a tier 2, which told me it was just the courtesy letter. Then, I finally received the mail, and it was indeed just the courtesy letter, telling me I should bring the medical exam whenever I get the interview. Did this happen to anyone else to see a RFIE in their online status, and it was infact just the I-693 courtesy letter? This is still stressing me because most RFIE are for other things. (I had my biometrics February 19th, status updated to Fingerprints were taken)
Kanisha OlusholaFeb 23, 2021
wow. so fast. what service center? did you expedite? thank you. I filed in September 2020 too
Chris eFeb 23, 2021
NBC, and no I did not expedite, still waiting for EAD
Kanisha OlusholaFeb 23, 2021
still fast. I don’t even have biometrics yet. nothing. just waiting
Chris eFeb 23, 2021
I was relieved when I saw the biometrics in the mail... good luck to you
Kanisha OlusholaFeb 23, 2021
thanks mate.
Alexa GutierrezFeb 23, 2021
i received same courtesy letter from NBC. PD 10/1/20, no biometrics yet
Brady007 Brady007Feb 23, 2021
Chris, How do you talk to a Tier-2?
Mike SolisFeb 23, 2021
I received the same courtesy letter but not the notification.
Nibus RajFeb 26, 2021
I submitted all documents (Eb1) to the office on 10/26/2020 without medical. Last week was my biometric and today I got EAD in hand. Since I did not do medical, the next expected step is RFE or directly GC interview date asking me to come with Medical during the interview date? Did anyone hear that, GC interview is waived for EB1 category?

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