Anna Wolfenbarger
Apr 7, 2021
Hello fam,,,, 3days ago our status changed to RFE,,, they said they will tell us what they need before 20th,,,,my question is how long will it take for them to send the letter to my husband in the mail?? It has been 3days already and we only have 12 days now to submit what they need,, which we don't know yet
JT JTApr 7, 2021
it can vary honestly. I received my rfe notification on a Thursday and received it on Monday. but I've heard it could be longer or shorter time frame.
Eddycoco ateweApr 7, 2021
you have to call them if you do not receive it b4 that date tha was giving to you mine is like a month nd I call them so they told me they have to re- email it to my mail box
prince TApr 8, 2021
mine took 4 days
Martin sApr 8, 2021
@Anna : RFE for what ?
Anna WolfenbargerApr 8, 2021
Martin s,,, they haven't sent my husband mail yet,, so we don't know what they need from us
Anna WolfenbargerApr 8, 2021
Prince T,, did u get it through mail?? What were they asking for??
prince TApr 8, 2021
I was able to talk to an agent through Emma chat. they were able to send it to my email ,since I had to leave town that week. RFE was able affidavits of support , I forgot to put joint-sponsor proof of citizenship and pay stubs

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