Joseph K
Feb 23, 2021
N-400 Self application
Has anyone ever applied a naturalization by yourselves? I'm thinking about applying N-400 with a lawyer or not.
Aman AFeb 23, 2021
if your case is straight forward you dont need a lawyer
Bibi bFeb 23, 2021
you don’t need a lawyer, what he can do you can do yourself it’s simple
outaway3 3Feb 23, 2021
I did it on my own. I would recommend filing N-400 online. it is much easier than filing the paper version.
Joseph KFeb 23, 2021
Thanks guys
Morgane BaudryFeb 23, 2021
Keep your money and file N400 carefully by yourself. Take your time and do it step by step.
Telo frazileFeb 23, 2021
did it for my cousin this January. it was fairly easy

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