Santos D Lopez Cifuentes
Feb 23, 2021
i-765 Form i-140 Form and i-485 I'm still waiting since November last year nothing yet, keeps jumping but no answers 😢 this application is in Texas but im from Massachusetts,
I apply previously in Vermont, was rejected become my payments was wrong so they give me a receipt number but they give me diferente p.o .box address in Texas to send since then nothing is happening I see my i765 is 99% approved and i140 is 95% as well any similar issues like me here (?)
V EFeb 23, 2021
if those percentages are coming from Lawfully, they refer to the number of cases like yours accepted, not the status of your case.
mine show 100% approved and RFE 14% still waiting to hear from them check every Monday
Santos D Lopez CifuentesFeb 23, 2021
ok thanks
Santos D Lopez CifuentesFeb 23, 2021
lawfully said 2 months now 2 months are past now said 1 months so far no luck with Texas uscis

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