chris josh
Apr 8, 2021
Hi all , I have my EAD but it expires soon , I applied for renewal and got receipt notice for both the EAD and travel document, when my EAD expires , how long can I work with the receipt notice notice while waiting for the renewal EAD ? or is it best for me to expidiate ? any response will be appreciated, Thank you 😊
David GraceApr 8, 2021
180 days. you did not tell us the basis of your EAD. depending on what basis your EAD, you might be able to get an automatic 180 days extension with the receipt of notice. however, this is not a blanket benefit. That is the long answer. the shorter and classic one? It deoends.
chris joshApr 8, 2021
Thank you Grace , it is marriage based , I have a pending green card application also.
David GraceApr 8, 2021
look at the code of your EAD. I can confirm the following codes have automatic 180 days extension c16, c20, c24, c31, A12 C19,A03 A07 A08 C09,C08

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