hana jiang
case was reopened after denied
I485 married usc on Feb 2020 interview was Scheduled March 18 they canceled interview because Covid March 19 case ready for an interview Feb 10 2021 No one came on interview Feb 12 2021 i called USICS they said they did not see any interview day on our case . the only thing you can do just wait Feb 17 ,2021 USCIS sent me email said my case within normal process. March 3 interview was scheduled ( day interview April 8) March 25 Case was Denied April 2 I received notice denied said because I didn’t showing up on Feb 10 2021 April 8 2021 i have a letter interview so i still came on interview just want to explain what happened. after explain everything he went to ask supervisor. he came back and told us my case Reopen and interview US with few questions. he did keep 4 pictures and internet bill and told me to signature and took a pic . check my status updated Case was reopened on this day Anybody have the same issue like me , please share , What do you think about my case and Do you think i still have another interview?
la kaK4d
hajj i3d
yeah they will schedule you for second interview

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