Nick Dom
Feb 23, 2021
Biometric and lawfully tracker
good day everyone, can I really trust lawfully tracker, last week it predicted I was no 81 in line for biometric, and based on their predictions I’m suppose to go for biometric between april 4- July 31 2021. but today it changed to 90 and the date shifted to November 2021-March 2022 and it started that 13 were moved to biometric from fingerprint fee received. I’m confused if 13 people were to moved to biometric from fingerprints stage, why did it moved me backward to 90. so I called the uscis but they told me to wait, that the process is Slow because of the COVID. my document was sent in October 2020 but I received my receipt December 3 2020.
Clm MFeb 23, 2021
I might be wrong, and depending on where you filed, the reason could be because of the cancellations of everyone’s bio appointment due to the weather. so it could be that those who’s appt was cancelled has top priority over those who had a later appt? not sure.
Nick DomFeb 24, 2021
thanks clm M, well I think it’s possible too. but I think uscis is kinda the slowest body rn. cuz the dmv and other bodies are functioning properly.( like faster than the uscis)

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