Liiiiiine D
Feb 23, 2021
bio appointment
I jus got my bio appointment. ps: 12/28/20 marriage based
jojo parkFeb 23, 2021
you are lucky ,you just have PD 12/28/2020.You got your Biometric.
prince TFeb 23, 2021
no way with that priority date
muba 123Feb 23, 2021
which kind of marriage base ? which type of form you applied?
Liiiiiine DFeb 23, 2021
marriage based, J1 visa, 7 months Married. I know people from Nov and Dec with bio appointment already. it is moving fast for new filers
Liiiiiine DFeb 23, 2021
same process, Chicago lock box. married to us citizen
jojo parkFeb 23, 2021
I applied same as your PD 12/28/2020 but no Bio ,no EAd and nothing just we received application!
mac chineFeb 24, 2021
@Liiiiiine D, which city? congrats btw
Liiiiiine DFeb 24, 2021
@mac chine Duluth, Minnesota! my center only opens 4 days per month lol. so fun!

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