FiveSolas Mletmag
Feb 23, 2021
ASC, Louisville, KY, Any Update on Biometric?
Hi everyone. Wondering if there are people there like me who's ASC in Louisville, KY? My PD's on August 2020. Has anyone ever received their bio appointment? Last time there's movement on the case was when they received our RFE response and that's 105 days ago. Losing heart on this process.
Mina NFeb 23, 2021
not in KY but also filed in Aug 2020, nothing so far.
Khalid KhanFeb 23, 2021
same here, PD Aug 2020, NBC, RFE for 944 and after that no update, no bio appointment yet
FiveSolas MletmagFeb 23, 2021
@Khalid Khan, is your ASC in Louisville,KY too?
Khalid KhanFeb 23, 2021
@FiveSolas Mletmag, my ASC is Montgomery AL
Sahar PFeb 26, 2021
we are in the same boat! my FO is Louisville and PD on July 2020, no biometrics appointment yet!
FiveSolas MletmagFeb 26, 2021
@Sahar P, wow! ☹ is yours marriage based too?
Sahar PFeb 28, 2021
No, mine in employment based.

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