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TO ALL WHO HAVE PARTICIPATED IN READING, LIKE/DISLIKE, ANY RESPONCE, I THANK YOU VERY MUCH. WE'RE ALL TRYING TO WIN THIS INTERNAL WAR AGAINST THE USA BECAUSE WE VALUE PEOPLE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!! NOW IM CONFUSED. I JUST GOT APPROVED FOR THE K1 FIANCEE. I got the letter from USCIS DETAILING THE APPROVAL AND THAT THEY are gonna forward my case to the NVC. KEEP IN MIND, 535$ AND SOME change was spent just to get the application fee handled. Now that my case is at the NVC, ARE you telling me that I have to pay even more money now for more paperwork processing? BASICALLY IN THE VISA PROCESS, THE NVC is somewhat of a SEPARATE agency from the USCIS; MEANING that now im at the mercy of the NVC, WHO WILL no DOUBT MAKE ME FILE MORE PAPERWORK FOR MORE FEES?? PAPERWORK THAT BASICALLY REPEATS SOME IF NOT ALL THE PAPERS I SENT TO THE USCIS? PLEASE, SOMEONE TELL ME THAT I WONT HAVE TO FORK OUT MORE MONEY TO THE VISA CENTER. YES I GET THAT THE EMBASSY INTERVIEW AND BIOMETRICS ARE additional fences to jump over. HOWEVER, IN MY RESearch and reading of info from the government website, I never read anything about having to pay more money to some NVC for their specific paperwork. the goverment website Make it seem like once your approved by the USCIS, your paperwork goes to the NVC who looks at it again, then easily and without issue, sends it to the beneficiary's embassy for the interview setup and stuff... a walk in the park so to speak....