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my experience
I did my Biometrics on jan 5, Interview was scheduled on jan 11 for Feb 9. I had my interview on Feb 9 at Buffalo. We were in the waiting room for about 10 minutes then they called my name. I was with my USC husband and daughter, when we got to the door the IO said they only needed me in the room. My husband went back to the waiting room and I walked in to the office with the Officer, He swore me in, and then said your 130 has been approved already so we will just go through the 485, He asked me the yes or no questions on the paper, asked me I have been to the US previously, I said yes twice, then asked me how old our daughter was, he asked me to sign 2 places on the form and said, I'll go ahead and approve your application, you will get the card in the mail in a few weeks. I asked thats it? He said Yes. That was less than 5 minutes. YAAY We left got home, then as soon as we walked through the door I remembered I didn't turn in my Medical, I had a huge folder full of of documents for proof but sine they didn't ask me to show them anything, I totally forgot about my medical. I called and the agents on the phone just said to wait and see if the'll send an RFE, 2 weeks ago i got the RFE asking for medical. Sent it out the same day and was delivered the following day. All this time my case status online showed we have scheduled your interview, till today when it has changed to card being produced. I have been a nervous mess chasing rabbit holes but finally I can exhale.... no ead no i131